Memorizing Quran at early age should never be a struggle!

With the “Taj al Waqar – Quran memorization” course with Future Skills Academy, you get an online Quran tutor for your child to prepare them to read, recite, and memorize Quran properly.

With a dedicated and joyful teacher, your child will be taken through a well-planned yet entertaining journey to memorizing Quran. They will also learn the morals in its chapters or surahs, and learn what does Quran say about basic matters of our daily situations through enjoyable stories by their tutor 

By listening to the teacher reciting certain surahs from the holy Quran and imitating them, your child will be familiar with how Quran is pronounced and gain confidence to recite it himself


By the end of this course, your child will

  • Memorize Juz’ Amma, Tabarak, or certain parts of the rest of the holy Quran
  • Learn Quran recitation (tajweed) rules
  • Get to know the morals behind each surah of the Holy Quran
  • Get prizes to reward their efforts and to encourage more advancement 
  • Get a specially designed study plan to keep memorizing what they have learned
  • Be supervised by a dedicated Quran tutor



8 hours per month, 2 hours per week.


Who can apply?

Interested children aged from 4 to 16 years old.


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Taj al Waqar – Quran memorization


With Fun And Ease

  • Duration : 8 hours
  • Class Size : 15 Students
  • Certificate : No
  • Language : Arabic
  • Study Type : Online