Are you having trouble with your child reading and writing English properly? With the “Jolly Phonics” course at Future Skills Academy, your child will identify, write and read even words they haven’t seen before!


Jolly Phonics is a British-accredited multisensory and fun technique that is used globally to teach English to children at an early age, so your child understands, learns, and memorizes English in the simplest and funniest way.


More than the typical English alphabet, the Jolly Phonics teaches the 42 main sounds of the language in a super fun, enjoyable and memorable way. In addition to funny stories and guided activities that are relevant to their age.

Let’s learn in a new fun way!


Free placement test included.


By the end of this course, your child will:

  • Learn the sounds of the letters 
  • Learn the formation of the letters 
  • Blend different sounds to form the full word
  • Identify and write words by their sounds 
  • Spell the advanced level of words properly
  • Read and write properly in English at an early age.
  • Enjoy a funny learning environment
  • Every sound has a single activity sheet.


8 hours


Who can apply?

Interested children aged from 4 to 7 years old.



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Jolly Phonics


With Fun And Ease

  • Duration : 8 hours
  • Class Size : 12 Students
  • Certificate : No
  • Language : English
  • Study Type : Online