In the case that the guardian decides to stop his participation in the academy for any reason, please inform the administration immediately to stop the student’s work and not count the absence in the attendance and absence schedule, which entails the guardian paying the cost of days which he did not tell us about his decision to stop his participation.

The applicant for training courses is entitled to recover all or part of the fees as follows:

In the case that a refund request is submitted 15 days before the course date:

-The full amount paid will be refunded after deducting 10% administrative fees

In the case that a refund request is submitted 7 days before the course date:

-Refund of the full amount paid after deducting the 25% administrative fee.

-The applicant is entitled to a refund of what was paid in the event of cancellation orpostponement of the course to the date agreed upon by the Academy.

during the first week of the academic month (28) days, half of the paid monthly amount shall be deducted and half shall be returned for a maximum period of one month، If more than a week has passed since the study, the administration regrets returning the tuition fees while ensuring the student’s right to effectively complete the study until the end of the month. Returning the other half, in addition to returning the remaining months paid by the guardian within a maximum period of one month.

-The customer has the right to attend a trial lesson for a period not exceeding 45 minutes if hewants to buy the full course.Funds are returned to the customer’s account within 30 days with the same method of paymentand are not refunded in cash

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