When you join us in the “reviews and tests” sessions for the first term, you will receive a revision sheet for each subject in your curriculum.
You will also be added to the ‘Future Skills Academy platform to take online tests identical to the embassy’s tests in all subjects.
Please click on the following link and choose your grade.

The student gets:

  1. PDF files
  2. Weekly study schedule.
  3. Login to the learning management system to follow indirect education.
  4. Live lessons via Zoom with the teacher within the virtual classroom.
  5. Quiz, assignments, and activities.
  6. Monthly exam.
  7. Direct contact with the teacher via the LMS for inquiries and support
  8. Rewards and Badge.
  9.  Recording All live lessons


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Second term Revision & Exam online 2023-2024


A group of our hand-picked teachers will be with your child throughout the year.

  • Duration : 1 Month
  • Class Size : 15
  • Certificate : No
  • Language : Arabic
  • Study Type : Online