Break the language boundaries for your child and let them open up to all opportunities in the German language.

With the “Online German Language for Beginners Course ” with Future Skills Academy, your child will master German in all of its skills; reading, writing, listening, and speaking in an exceptionally funny way only with our expert teachers.


Powered by a fun-filled online learning environment and amazing teachers, your child will enjoy building fundamentals of the German language and improving their skills to end up with a confident German speaker who can express his thoughts freely.


Free placement test included.


In this course, your child will

  1. Get a full Global German Book
  2. Benefit from improved modern learning methods
  3. Improve their English writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills
  4. Learn interactively through fun activities, various games, and an encouraging points-scoring system 
  5. Get rewarding prizes for every progress and achievement they make



 8 hours in one month


Who can apply?

Interested children aged from 6 to 14 years old


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German for beginners


With Fun And Ease

  • Duration : 8 hours
  • Class Size : 12 Students
  • Certificate : No
  • Language : German
  • Study Type : Online