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Help Your Student Create a Study Schedule !

While studying at home provides for a flexible schedule, it is still
important for students to keep a good study routine. Routines are
valuable for learning discipline. They also help your student stay on track
with weekly, monthly and yearly academic goals. Create a schedule and
expect your students to stick to it. Modify the schedule when necessary
to help students stay challenged while still able to achieve your

Encourage students to break up their study time into reasonable
segments. Taking little breaks increases mental energy, and can help
students remember what they have learned. This is helpful for older
students as well as younger students with shorter attention spans.

Studies show that information taken in before we go to sleep is better
retained. Suggest that your students replace games and movies before
bedtime with a short study period, especially when preparing for an

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A study by Princeton University found that people who keep their spaces
clean are able to process information and focus better. Encourage your
student to keep the area where they study clean and clear of
distractions. Taking the time to do this before studying can prepare them
with the discipline and organization attitudes that help with learning.

Teach your student to turn off, put away, or silence devices during study
times. Messaging can be set for do-not-disturb, especially if messages
appear on devices students are using for their courses. These
distractions can make it hard to focus and interfere with learning.

Taking notes during lessons helps students remember the things they
hear, and can be helpful in preparing for exams. Learning how to take
effective notes is an important skill students need to master especially
as they go into careers and college studies.

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