Who we are

Company educational technology

Offering its services online and through virtual classrooms and digital educational content, quality of education is one of our main pillars, we train students through academics specialized in education and e-learning technology,

We provide easy access to high-quality live and recorded lessons. Lessons are designed and stored online and are taught by qualified teachers, experienced and fully in e-learning. We add life to online lessons and increase students ' participation in learning new skills


How we teach online?

Future Skills Academy uses synchronous learning via Zoom and asynchronous learning the Lessons Library via LMS to deliver and access study materials, quiz and assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Classes are scheduled and lessons are taught live by qualified teachers from around the world who are trained in online teaching and learning. All lessons are recorded and shared with students

If you're interested in educating your child at home with Mum, or online homeschool courses, Future skills academy can help. The Future skills academy is a helpful supplement to your existing homeschool program, with challenging, engaging, Interactive activities, quizzes, educational games and highly interactive courses

Our programs

Egyptian educational program

We offer (our children abroad program) a program approved by all Egyptian embassies outside the Egypt

Where can students study at home, or when one of the special teachers. Then go to the embassy or the school determined by the embassy in each country of final examination. We covering from Kg-1 to Gr-9

Our role here is to teach the Egyptian curriculum approved by the Republic of Egypt in Arabic and English

Teacher Loan qualified from the best universities in Egypt

Marketing idea

If you are an Egyptian citizen

Why you should choose the Egyptian program:

  • Save time and cost

In international schools the preparatory year starts from 16500 SAR

In the Egyptian program our prices start from 1750 SAR

  • We offer monthly and quarterly tests to prepare students for the embassy tests
  • Monthly reports on students and activities
  • For new students a full demo school day to learn our educational system
  • Future Skills Academy is internationally accredited by IAO to ensure the quality of education and training
  • ​To overcome geographical differences, our students and staff work tirelessly towards creating a stronger and more supportive community. Being part of Future skills Academy online means more than just a high-quality education – it means connecting with students from all over the world and gaining an even greater global knowledge and appreciation.

Our mission

Providing flexible learning options in a safe, respectful, inclusive and supportive environment for learners around the world that respects children from diverse family and cultural backgrounds, by relying on e-learning in its finest form. We intend to enjoy all children to learn and realize their potential and encourage them to become independent learners for life and develop a sense of confidence and Ba responsibility towards himself, and respect for others in the community.

We cater to enthusiastic learners who need a wider choice of e-learning, and we prioritize receiving high-quality E-education.

Our vision

Providing learners with future scientific and technological skills and capabilities